Mobile phone detection cameras trialled in NSW
03 Jan 2019

Mobile Phone Detection Cameras on trial in NSW

Mobile phone detection cameras are now being trialled in NSW to clamp down on illegal mobile phone use while behind the wheel.

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GM launches Call Me Out app to stop distracted drivers
12 Sep 2018

General Motors’ Call Me Out app to help stop distracted drivers

General Motors has sponsored the launch of an app called Call Me Out that aims to stop drivers from picking up their phone while driving.

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petrol prices
05 Apr 2018

Myth-Busting: Is it dangerous to refuel with the car engine running?

When it comes to automotive myths they all have a slight grain of truth to them, and so it is with this one. So, is it dangerous to refuel with the car engine running?

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Using a mobile phone while driving
07 Nov 2016

Distracted drivers are d**ks

Fines for using mobile phones while driving are on the up, while for p-plate drivers there’s a ban on their use… so why are people still holding on.

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No place to hide if you text and drive
09 Jun 2016

Victoria Police interested in ‘textalysers’ to scan phone use behind the wheel…

Victoria police has announced it is interested in the outcome of a US trial of ‘textalysers’ to scan whether a mobile phone has been used and contributed to a collision.

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