24 Jul 2020

CO2 emissions target set by Australian car industry

4 years ago 4 0

The Australian car industry has set its own CO2 emissions targets for 2030. The Federal Chamber of Automotive Industries today […]

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04 Sep 2019

FCAI questions lending regulations as car sales fall

5 years ago 1 0

August returned another poor month of sales for the Australian automotive sector.

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Most non-dealer mechanics can perform a logbook service of your new car without voiding the warranty
15 Dec 2017

FCAI slams ACCC report into sharing new car servicing information

7 years ago 3 0

The ACCC has slammed new car retailers and manufacturers over their stranglehold on new car servicing information.

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2018 Range Rover Review
25 Nov 2017

Automotive groups outraged by QLD labor commitment to luxury car tax

7 years ago 2 0

As Queenslanders go to the poll the Federal Chamber of Automotive Industries and RACQ are outraged by QLD Labor’s commitment to a luxury car tax.

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09 Feb 2017

FCAI claims non-genuine parts is “deception and an unacceptable risk” for consumers

7 years ago 5 0

The FCAI claims “thousands of fake, substandard parts are out there”, but the AAAA is not so sure…

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27 May 2016

Are genuine car parts best?

8 years ago 5 2

Your car is a bundle of parts, and there are lots of different ways those parts can be supplied, and who can make them… so, are genuine car parts best?

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