04 Sep 2019

FCAI questions lending regulations as car sales fall

August returned another poor month of sales for the Australian automotive sector.

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Most non-dealer mechanics can perform a logbook service of your new car without voiding the warranty
15 Dec 2017

FCAI slams ACCC report into sharing new car servicing information

The ACCC has slammed new car retailers and manufacturers over their stranglehold on new car servicing information.

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2018 Range Rover Review
25 Nov 2017

Automotive groups outraged by QLD labor commitment to luxury car tax

As Queenslanders go to the poll the Federal Chamber of Automotive Industries and RACQ are outraged by QLD Labor’s commitment to a luxury car tax.

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09 Feb 2017

FCAI claims non-genuine parts is “deception and an unacceptable risk” for consumers

The FCAI claims “thousands of fake, substandard parts are out there”, but the AAAA is not so sure…

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27 May 2016

Are genuine car parts best?

Your car is a bundle of parts, and there are lots of different ways those parts can be supplied, and who can make them… so, are genuine car parts best?

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