Bike Sense allows cars and bike riders to get along
16 Dec 2019

Cyclists on the road in Australia – how we can all get along

Seems like some motorists don’t think cyclists should be allowed to ride on the road… Hmm. I love cars and I’m all in favour of cyclists sharing the road.

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cyclist detection
29 Aug 2017

Bosch launches AEB with cyclist detection…

Bosch has launched an all-in-one active safety system for vehicle makers that incorporates autonomous emergency braking (AEB) and cyclist detection.

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Volvo presents wearable cycling technology to prevent collisions between cars and bicycles
22 Dec 2014

Volvo to connect cars with bicycles to prevent collisions

Volvo wants to connect cars with bicycles to prevent collisions and is partnering with protective sports gear maker POC and Ericsson to make it a reality.

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