A visit to Motorexpo 2016

Motorexpo 2016 is a mixed show for people that enjoy cars, boats and bikes. It’s on in Melbourne right now and we went and had a look around.

WHAT EXACTLY IS a Motorexpo? We turned up on the Friday night to find out, and on walking up the stairs discovered a lot of kart displays as the event is also co-run with the Oz Karting Expo. Every part of the sport is represented, from builders and services to tracks, so, if karting is your interest, the top floor is the place to be.


On the ground floor there were displays of racing and classic cars, sort of like a Motorclassica-lite in some respects, plus quite a few motorcycles and some raceboats. There were also new cars on display, most notably Mercedes-Benz with an official factory representation, displaying some new cars not even launched here.

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Things to do – a racing simulator (rFactor), radio-controlled cars, and of course just wandering around and admiring everything from beautifully restored classics to GT3 cars fresh off the track.

As a guide to time, we were in and out within two hours after a good look around, a bite to eat and a chat with a few people here and there.  Admission is $30 per adult (15 plus), families $70.


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  1. McF1
    April 11, 2016 at 4:36 pm — Reply

    Wow. It looks like a fantastic exhibition. Thanks for the photos.
    The unfortunate thing is that this is the first time that I had heard about it.
    The Royal Exhibition Building is a great place. Many years ago I went to the Melbourne Motor Show when it use to be there. A few years ago I went to the Motorclassica; that was very worthwhile.
    I have just looked on the web for “Motorexpo 2016” and found that “Motorexpo” is in New York, but it is under “fpmmotorexpo” where it is called “FPM & NKE Motor Expo”, and also clicked onto another link and it is called “FPM Motorexpo 2016”. Personally they need to be come up with a more creative name, with it’s very own web link (similar to what the Motorclassica has done). Let’s say “Motoring Performance Expo”, presented by FPM and NK.

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