The Toyota RAV4 is Australia's best-selling compact SUV
05 Dec 2013

Toyota RAV4 Cruiser Review

The Toyota RAV4 pioneered the compact SUV segment and it’s been the best-selling model in the segment since its debut in 1994, having notched up almost 200,000 sales since then.

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The Audi Q3 looks great
27 Nov 2013

Audi Q3 First Drive Review

the Audi Q3 is a very impressive entrant into the premium small SUV segment, and one that makes the BMW X1 look awkward. Not quite as cool or capable as the Range Rover Evoque, the Q3 is cheaper and pretty good on a dirt road.

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The Skoda Fabia RS Wagon is the practical super mini.
26 Nov 2013

Skoda Fabia RS Wagon First Drive Review

The hot hatches of yore were usually nothing more than a great big engine stuffed between the chassis rails of a tiny car. Not so, the current crop of angry little super-minis which rely on small engines and turbocharging for maximum grunt and go. Enter the Skoda Fabia RS Wagon.

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The Ford Falcon EcoBoost is a class act with plenty of room and impressive fuel efficiency.
24 Nov 2013

Ford Falcon EcoBoost First Drive Review

The Falcon might well be on its way out, but the four-cylinder engine in the Ford Falcon EcoBoost G6E is easily the Falcon’s best engine ever. And it’s not just in fuel saving where it scores – the EcoBoost Falcon offers an improved drive, too, says Isaac Bober.

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The Holden Trax blends good looks with budget-friendly pricing
22 Nov 2013

2014 Holden Trax First Drive Review

It looks like a Barina on steroids, but is the new Holden Trax small SUV really as good as its looks suggest, asks Tony Bosworth.

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It's tough and popular but the Navara ST-X 550 is short on performance.
21 Nov 2013

Nissan Navara ST-X 550 First Drive Review

With its sharp looking design, inside and out, and its off-road ability, the D40 Navara appealed to those looking for a dual-cab that could serve the, and pardon the pun, dual purpose of being a weekday workhorse and weekend warrior. Bigger, more comfortable, and a lot more refined than its D22 sibling, and plenty of its competitors too, the D40 Navara has built up a legion of followers.

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Holden VF Commodore Evoke LPG
20 Nov 2013

Holden VF Commodore Evoke LPG First Drive Review

The Holden VF Commodore Evoke LPG offers cheaper running costs, decent equipment levels, reasonable performance, and enough room for a family of four. Tony Bosworth reckons it might just be the ‘family’ pick of the Commodore range.

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New Honda Accord is smaller than before, but is it as good as a Mazda6?
15 Nov 2013

Honda Accord First Drive

In the past, Honda put the Accord up against the Falcon, Commodore and Aurion, but now they say it’s fighting in the category below. In any event, it makes a viable alternative to the full-sized cars, says Paul Murrell.

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The Fiat Punto Lounge Duologic isn't the easiest small car to drive
14 Nov 2013

Fiat Punto Lounge Duologic First Drive

Other than the five-speed manual entry-level Pop, the Punto gets Fiat’s odd Dualogic transmission. The difference is considerable, and not necessarily for the better, says Paul Murrell.

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The new Fiat Panda is a city car with very clever packaging and attractive pricing.
14 Nov 2013

Fiat Panda Review

Fiat thinks outside the box and comes up with a rounded-off square. Then for some reason, they go completely potty and apply it all over the new Panda. Paul Murrell looks beyond the squared-off circle (or rounded-off square) to see if the new Panda is worth the money.

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Kia Koup Turbo Opener
13 Nov 2013

Kia Cerato Koup First Drive Review

The new Kia Cerato Koup marks a number of firsts for the company: the first Kia with a turbocharged engine, and the first Kia you may just buy because it looks so good.

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The front and back of the Suzuki SX4
13 Nov 2013

Suzuki SX4 First Drive

Suzuki has always tended to fly under the radar. The big seller, of course, is the Swift, but over the years any car with the big S on the grille has always delivered good value for money and bullet-proof reliability. Small changes to the Suzuki SX4 make it even more appealing than ever.

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New Subaru BRZ S offers a more aggressive stance and better handling.
13 Nov 2013

Subaru BRZ First Drive

Developed in conjunction with Toyota, the Subaru BRZ offers an intoxicating blend of aggressive looks and razor-sharp handling at a price that won’t bust the budget. Indeed, we’ve been waiting a long time for a car like this: a low weight, low price, compact sports car.

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The Nissan Juke is bound to polarise opinion with its quirky looks. Will it age well? Only time will tell.
12 Nov 2013

Nissan Juke Review

Nissan’s range is undergoing a long-awaited refresh. The range of SUVs is possibly the broadest on the market and the funky-looking new Nissan Juke is already turning heads and bringing people into showrooms, reports Paul Murrell.

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Kia Rondo offers seven-seats yet isn't much bigger than a Toyota Corolla
12 Nov 2013

Kia Rondo First Drive

People movers are miracles of clever packaging, says Paul Murrell and the Kia Rondo is a seven-up wagon no bigger than a Corolla.

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