Why premium fuel is a waste of money for most cars
01 Oct 2015

Are you being ripped off on claimed fuel consumption? No!

In the wake of #dieselgate there are now reports that consumers are being ripped off with cars that use far more fuel than their claimed fuel consumption.

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07 Sep 2015

A guide to 4X4 driving for sports car owners

4X4 drivers and sports car drivers – premium car makers think they’re the same, but are they? Here’s our guide to 4×4 driving for sports car owners.

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06 Sep 2015

Offroad driving myths busted

There are plenty of myth-conceptions when it comes to driving off-road, here are 26 off-road driving myths, busted – Bet you’re guilty of No.17…

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Choosing a new family car
09 Aug 2015

How to choose a family car

Are you looking for a new car to accommodate your growing family? Want something safe and spacious that’ll meet all your ‘family’ needs? Here’s how to choose a family car.

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20 Jun 2015

Traction Control is not the same as Stability Control!

Traction control and electronic stability control (ESC) are related, but not the same and the terms are certainly not interchangeable. What they are Electronic Stability Control (ESC) – is a system to keep a vehicle going in the direction the driver wants it to go, which is usually on the

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08 Jun 2015

How to drive the 2015 Toyota FJ Cruiser offroad

The 2015 Toyota FJ Cruiser isn’t just a funky looking 4×4, it’s also one of the best offroad. But only if you know how to get the most from its technology.

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Should I put nitrogen in car tyres
18 May 2015

Should I put nitrogen in my tyres – Definitive answer

Should I put nitrogen in my car tyres? Here’s everything you could ever want to know about nitrogen and tyres – the facts, the half-truths and the lies.

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24 Apr 2015

How to drive over a hump off-road

driving over a hump is one of the most basic off-road skills, but it’s a bit harder with a road-oriented 4×4. Here’s how to drive over a hump.

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19 Apr 2015

2015 Hyundai Santa Fe Highlander off-road tech test

We’ve been testing the 2015 Santa Fe Highlander for a while now, but how well does its technology work off-road? We head into the bush to find out.

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15 Apr 2015

Mitsubishi’s Super-Select 4X4 System Explained

How to use Mitsubishi’s Super Select 4X4 transmission system on Challenger, Pajero and Triton.

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Subaru Outback driving in water
14 Apr 2014

What 4X4 to buy if you don’t want to own a 4X4

The non-4WD Enthusiast’s Guide to Buying a 4WD, or what 4WD to buy when you’re only into the great outdoors and not off-roading.

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