Official Subaru documents layout the company’s plans for the next decade, confirming a new electric SUV soon to be revealed, and a new lean turbo boxer engine this year.

SUBARU HAS CONFIRMED that it will launch a fully-electric SUV within two years, followed by electrification of its entire lineup.

According to official documents Practical Motoring has seen, the company will electrify all of its models in the early 2030s, which will consist of battery-electric and hybrid technology. This will include a new ‘strong hybrid’ e-boxer to join the mild and plug-in e-boxer hybrids already available.

For now, we know that these will be SUV variants retaining all-wheel drive.

Subaru electric vehicle plan 2030

In addition, Subaru has produced an all-new 1.8-litre lean turbo flat-four boxer engine which will certainly find applications in upcoming sports cars, like the WRX and also the Levorg STI sport wagon unveiled at the Tokyo Auto Salon last week.

No specification details have been shown, though the show car was tipped to develop around 220kW.

Subaru electric SUV 2022

Subaru’s first fully-electric SUV (above) has been pegged by Subaru to launch in the early 2020s, with the information provided showing it should be revealed to the public in 2021-22. It will be a C-segment SUV rival with an electric all-wheel drive driveline, and ‘fun to drive’.

In bigger picture news, Subaru also says that this new phase in the company’s lifecycle is a ‘one in one hundred year’ event, bringing significant transition from fossil fuel-based motoring to electrification. It has set a goal that by 2020 more than 40 per cent of its global sales will be electric cars and hybrid. By 2050, it plans to reduce carbon emissions of new vehicles by 90 per cent compared to 2010 figures. That’s well-to-wheel, so there are even bigger movements happening behind the scenes.

We expect we will hear further details on Subaru’s new electric vehicles and boxer engine this year.

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