01 Apr 2018

Simpson Desert to be sealed by 2035?

6 years ago 4 1

The Department for Central Australia Investment is investigating the feasibility of sealing the Simpson Desert from Mt Dare to Birdsville as part of a 15-year strategic plan, according to leaked documents.

Hans Offmibheir 4
01 Apr 2017

Live axles, non-common rail diesels to be phased out

7 years ago 7 10

The Federal Government has unveiled the latest in a series of plans to modernise Australia’s vehicle fleet. OLD VEHICLES are […]

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2016 Land Rover Defender
01 Apr 2015

2016 Land Rover Defender to be 2WD only

9 years ago 1 1

In a move that’s sure to upset traditionalists, the 2016 Land Rover Defender will be 2WD only and a technological tour-de-force.

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