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We want you to contribute to Practical Motoring.

Since 2013, the Practical Motoring writers have tried to take the nonsense out of motoring reviews and advice, and make our content as useful as possible. And we want you to become a part of the team by contributing your own articles to help fellow readers.

Anyone can contribute to Practical Motoring and have their work published alongside some of Australia’s (and beyond) finest automotive writers. By sharing your opinion or news with thousands of other practical motorists you’ll be making a difference to car owners in this country… and, who knows? This could be your first step towards becoming a professional automotive writer.

What sort of content are we looking for?

Readers Write section is where you can write a review of your own car, explain something, or put forth an opinion on any automotive related topic you’re either passionate about or have a good understanding of.  We’re always happy to hear from readers who’ve ‘been there and done that’ and now have the story to share.

Before submitting an article, please review our WRITING GUIDELINES and be aware that not all articles will be published.

How to get started

After you’ve read the writing guidelines and worked out what you want to write, then login to Practical Motoring and create a user profile.  With a profile, you’ll be able to share your stories with your friends via social media and get noticed by Practical Motoring readers who will be able to rate your content.

It takes less than a minute to sign up. Scroll down the page and Register

The steps to contribute your story

  1. Create / Sign in to your Practical Motoring profile
  2. Submit your article
  3. The editors will review it
  4. Once (if) it’s published, share it with all of your friends.

What if the story is urgent, and needs to be run right now?

Answer: Send an email to the editor and let us know so that we don’t miss a thing.