Yep. All you do is dump a heap of extra diesel in which appears as thick, black soot. Why? I don’t really know, truth be told. Diesel exhausts are full of particulates which are a Class 1 carcinogenic – that means they’re a direct cause of cancer, so rolling coal is one way to stick a mighty big finger up at anyone who’s suffering from the big C. Or maybe you like converting dollars to smoke. If that’s your thing, how about a good old fashioned burnout which is more fun and less toxic?

Or maybe you just want to annoy owners of hybrids like Priuses. Now I agree that some Prisues seem to be powered by the pretentious holier-than-thou attitude of the owners, but hey…live and let live. Sooner or later we’ll all be driving hybrids as diesel will die.

Then you also need to remember you’re representing, fam. If you have a modified 4X4 then every time you drive it the world watches and judges. If you are antisocial – and belching plumes of poison into the air pretty well qualifies – then you’re just making life harder for us all when it comes to modifications, track access and the right to generally enjoy the offroading life.

Be proud of your truck and your lifestyle, but it’s the mark of an insecure try-hard to actively make life unpleasant for others.

Here’s the Diesel Technology Forum’s statement on Rolling Coal.


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