Offroaders need saws.

YOU NEED A SAW for firewood, or cutting trees or branches across a track. Sometimes that’s a chainsaw, sometimes it’s something smaller. Like this handsaw.

We like
The build quality and blade sharpness. It’s light, easy to grip, and the blade folds away so it’s not going to hurt anyone. The blade locks in two positions. This saw is new and has only been used on one trip (albeit multiple times), but we’ve had good experience with Fiskars gear before so assume it will last a long time.

Not so good
Can’t think of anything.

Bottom line
A handy little saw which can be out and cutting before a chainsaw is even started. Useful for smaller jobs, and to help larger saws deal with loose brush. More expensive than some other saws, but you get what you pay for.

Ours cost $25 from Bunnings.


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