It’s easy to focus on the big attractions at 4×4 shows, but for me the value is the little things.

HERE ARE ten interesting products that warranted a second look. This isn’t a product test so we’re not offering an opinion on quality or function, just products that looked a bit different or maybe you wouldn’t normally consider.

Light2 RS LED torch

This is interesting because the battery is rechargeable via MicroUSB, which means no need to worry about yet another charger, just use existing cables. Even better, the battery back can be used as a powerpack for other devices, and it’s a high-powered torch. That’s worth it for me!

Muck Boots

Having just come out of a snow weekend the idea of having warm feet is appealing. Could even trudge around in mud in these. Not a bad idea.

Runva 10DB winch

You don’t see many performance/competition winches these days, but this is a serious winch with twin motors.

Trigpoint Tray

Nice looking tray from Trigpoint with matching toolboxes and the ability for the sides to form a table.

Air on Board Switches

One thing I like about shows is that all the little pieces you need are just right there in front of you, like these factory-style switches for different vehicles.

Ausun International Paunum Rover Boxes

These boxes are made of lightweight alloy and are a nice square shape with lockable lids and side handles. Better than plastic boxes which are hard to tie down and not particularly strong.

Expander Chair

Camp chairs have become really big and heavy, but this one is very light, folds up small and offer a fairly solid base. Anything lightweight is worthy of a mention!

Ram Truck Rambox

Packing is all about utilising storage space where you think there is no storage space, and here’s a great example of where you can use space that would otherwise be wasted.

Lightforce interior lighting

Converting to LEDs for replacement or additional lighting (as we did here) is an easy and worthwhile mod. Here’s a kit to make it easier.

RescueMe Personal Locator Beacon

World’s smallest distress beacon. There are various types of distress beacon, of which the EPIRB is one. What most 4WD people need is a personal locator beacon or PLB, and here’s a tiny one.

And much more…

There’s a lot more to see at the show; all manner of 4×4, camping and fishing gear. Some prices were higher than you’d expect, but there were some real bargains and many prices a little below retail. Regardless of the prices, the value of these shows is being able to browse and keep up to date on what’s happening where, and what you didn’t know you needed till you saw it!


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