08 Aug 2017

How are corrugations formed?

You’ve seen them and hate them, but how are corrugations made? THERE HAVE BEEN several scientific studies into exactly how corrugations are formed, and the answer is definitive and simple.  You get corrugations any time large numbers of wheeled vehicles travel over a soft surface at speed. Exactly how they

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07 Aug 2017

Those Dreaded Corrugations of Outback Travel

Corrugations mean keeping your 4X4 and yourself in one piece is not always easy. I LOVE TOURING this country and exploring the many attractions that are available and there’s little doubt that all 4WD enthusiasts like me really look forward to the challenges on offer.  It’s the ever changing terrain,

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24 Jun 2017

Outback Cop: book review and how not to become the next story

Outback Cop is a good book on three levels. First, it’s a decent read, chronicling the life and times of a long-serving Birdsville policeman, Neale McShane. It’s warm, well-written and tells it like it is without resorting to dramatics. Second, it gives the reader a good insight into Outback life; the

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