Crossing the Simpson Desert
13 Nov 2017

Dashing across the Simpson in a Haval H9 and Great Wall Steed – Part 1

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We just crossed the Simpson Desert in only nine days and with two vehicles that almost no-one expected us to drive: the Haval H9 and Great Wall Steed.

Robert Pepper 9
25 Jul 2017

Haval collaborate with Ironman 4×4 on local tuning program for H9

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Haval Australia is working with local specialist Ironman 4×4 to develop revised suspension and tuning for its largest and most capable 4×4 the H9.

Alex Rae 0
16 May 2017

Refreshed 2018 Haval H9 revealed… tweaks courtesy of Australian customers

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Refreshed 2018 Haval H9 cops improvements performance, looks and safety in response to feedback from customers in Australia.

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