Hyundai Ioniq 2019 Review: Hybrid, Plug-In and Electric
27 May 2021

Victoria’s new electric car tax slammed ‘climate vandalism’

3 years ago 13 0

Victoria is now the first state in the world to introduce an electric car tax, in some ways decentivising ownership […]

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30 Nov 2020

Victoria to fine EVs for not plugging in

3 years ago 1 0

Traditional fossil fuel, hybrid, and even electric vehicles face fines when using an EV parking spaces inappropriately.  Victoria is set […]

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27 Jul 2020

Victorian and QLD mobile phone cameras turn on this week

4 years ago 1 0

Victoria and Queensland on the cusp of activating cameras to hand out fines and points for using a mobile phone […]

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24 Jul 2020

CO2 emissions target set by Australian car industry

4 years ago 4 0

The Australian car industry has set its own CO2 emissions targets for 2030. The Federal Chamber of Automotive Industries today […]

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Overtaking legal limit speeding Australia
11 Mar 2020

MPs vote against increasing speed limit for overtaking

4 years ago 2 0

One MP has proposed raising the speed limit when overtaking in Victoria, but it has been slammed down by other […]

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10 Oct 2019

Nissan Australia launches solar EV charging station

5 years ago 0 0

You could soon be able to buy a solar electric vehicle charging station to juice up your EV at home.

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