Hyundai Ioniq 2019 Review: Hybrid, Plug-In and Electric
27 May 2021

Victoria’s new electric car tax slammed ‘climate vandalism’

Victoria is now the first state in the world to introduce an electric car tax, in some ways decentivising ownership of an electric car thanks to a per-kilometre charge. It has been slammed by the Australian Greens party. “Labor’s EV tax comes at a time when transport is our biggest

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30 Nov 2020

Victoria to fine EVs for not plugging in

Traditional fossil fuel, hybrid, and even electric vehicles face fines when using an EV parking spaces inappropriately.  Victoria is set to introduce fines relating to electric vehicle parking in accordance with recommendations submitted by the Minister for Public Transport and Roads and Road Safety, Ben Carrol. In the submitted recommendation

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27 Jul 2020

Victorian and QLD mobile phone cameras turn on this week

Victoria and Queensland on the cusp of activating cameras to hand out fines and points for using a mobile phone while driving. Victoria will begin trailing special new cameras this week to detect mobile phone use behind the wheel and “and potentially other illegal driving activities.” The announcements come as

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24 Jul 2020

CO2 emissions target set by Australian car industry

The Australian car industry has set its own CO2 emissions targets for 2030. The Federal Chamber of Automotive Industries today announced that the local car industry will impose its own emissions target scheme in light of inaction by the Federal Government. Emissions targets are strict and enforced in Europe, the

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Overtaking legal limit speeding Australia
11 Mar 2020

MPs vote against increasing speed limit for overtaking

One MP has proposed raising the speed limit when overtaking in Victoria, but it has been slammed down by other MPs. VICTORIAN MPs have had their say on a supposed amendment to temporarily allow speeding while overtaking on country roads, voting a resounding 38 to 2 against the change to

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10 Oct 2019

Nissan Australia launches solar EV charging station

You could soon be able to buy a solar electric vehicle charging station to juice up your EV at home.

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