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04 Sep 2019

Smoke Signals. What does the smoke from my car exhaust mean?

Have you ever started your car and seen a big puff of smoke plume out from behind it? Here’s how to tell what the smoke from your car’s exhaust pipe means.

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exhaust emissions
22 May 2018

Car makers struggling to meet WLTP fuel consumption and emission testing protocol deadline…

Some car makers in Europe are struggling to meet a September 2018 deadline whereby all their vehicles will need to comply with the WLTP fuel consumption and emissions testing protocol to be eligible for sale in Europe.

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Opel logo
20 May 2016

Opel now admits to using emissions control software… but says its legal

Opel has admitted to the German ministry of transport that it does indeed use emissions control software that can switch off exhaust treatment systems

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Nissan Qashqai badge
17 May 2016

South Korea claims Nissan Qashqai contains an emissions defeat device

The South Korean Government has announced it will fine Nissan and has ordered the recall of more than 800 new Nissan Qashqais sold in Korea after it claims tests revealed the presence of an emissions defeat device.

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Opel logo
14 May 2016

Opel and Fiat summoned to answer emissions questions in Germany

The German taskforce established to investigate car makers over emissions has summoned both Fiat and Opel to answer questions about emissions cheating.

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Peugeot to provide real-world fuel testing
27 Oct 2015

PSA Peugeot Citroen commits to publishing real-world fuel consumption figures

PSA Peugeot Citroen has announced it will have its new vehicles independent assessed and publish real-world emissions and fuel consumption figures across its entire range.

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How does the Volkswagen defeat device work
15 Oct 2015

VW emissions scandal: Do you really have to comply with a car recall? UPDATED

Audi has become the first of the Volkswagen Group to issue a recall notification on vehicles fitted with EA189 family engines fitted with an emissions ‘cheat device’.

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