New Toyota Kluger will be here in March
09 Feb 2014

New cars for 2014

We bought a record 1.14 million new vehicles in 2013, Now the manufacturers are hoping we’ll buy even more in 2014. Paul Murrell lists what new cars are on the way.

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The Tesla Model s will arrive in Australia later this year
07 Feb 2014

Electric Dreams

Tony Bosworth has a dream… an electric Tesla S dream. But he wonders why, when electric  cars make so much sense do Australians continue to buy gas guzzlers. THIS IS MY AVERAGE DAY… I get up, have breakfast, do all the usual stuff, and then go down to my garage.

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Our Jeep Grand Cherokee's Forward Collision Warning seems a little too sensitive
04 Feb 2014

Week 2: Jeep Grand Cherokee long-term update

This report should have been all about the Jeep Grand Cherokee’s ability off-road, but Facebook and a niggle with one of the Jeep’s active safety measures got in the way, writes Isaac Bober.

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The Hyundai i30 SR's sat-nav is giving us some grief
02 Feb 2014

Week 5: Hyundai i30 SR long-term update

Week 5: Tony Bosworth wonders why our long-term Hyundai SR’s delivered him to an industrial estate when he was trying to get home.

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Fashions change so be careful when choosing the colour of your new car
26 Jan 2014

Australians choose dull car colours

Australian car buyers are among the most conservative when it comes to choosing a colour. Sampling more than 9000 new car purchases in 2013, an online car buying service found that 21% of new cars sold were white.

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Are police just trying to raise revenue through speeding fines?
25 Jan 2014

Speeding fines won’t stop dangerous drivers

The authorities persist in road rule enforcement and penalty application that patently isn’t doing much to reduce the road toll or make our roads safer. That’s why people get so angry about being pinged for relatively minor offences while the really dangerous drivers carry on regardless.

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The Jeep Grand Cherokee offers plenty of room for a family and go-anywhere ability
24 Jan 2014

Week 1 – Jeep Grand Cherokee Long-Term Test

A Jeep Grand Cherokee Overland has joined the Practical Motoring garage and it’s already notched up more than 1200km. Priced from $71,000 and loaded with creature comforts Isaac Bober wants to know how well it fits the average family. Well, his family, at least.

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Mazda introduces capped price servicing to coincide with release of new Mazda3
24 Jan 2014

Mazda rolls out capped price servicing

Mazda has finally succumbed to the push for capped priced servicing and reconsiders its mandatory six-month service demands. The company hasn’t made it clear how this impacts existing owners.

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Why can't drivers and bike riders get along on our roads
24 Jan 2014

Cars and bicycles, why can’t we get along?

Cyclist deaths and injuries continue to increase on Australian roads, unlike the rest of the world where they are reducing. What are we doing wrong?

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Speeding fines no deterrant
21 Jan 2014

Fines don’t change driver behaviour

Deterrents simply aren’t deterring drivers from irresponsible behaviour. And the number of unpaid fines just keeps mounting up, says Paul Murrell.

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