Toyota FT-1 inspired by superhero costumes
15 Aug 2014

Toyota FT-1 inspired by superhero costumes

Following the recent release of the Toyota FT-1 ‘Vision GT’ concept, the brand has released a ‘real-world’ version inspired by superhero costumes.

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Toyota Corolla best-selling car in June 2014
03 Jul 2014

Australian new vehicle sales bounce back

Australian new car sales for June 2014 are up, which has the FCAI suggesting car sales in this country have bounced back from recent declines.

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25 Jun 2014

Toyota reveals 2015 Fuel Cell Sedan

Toyota has pulled the plug on electric vehicles with the death, this year, of the RAV4 EV but has released images of its new 2015 Fuel Cell Sedan.

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Toyota Camry now standard with reversing camera
11 Feb 2014

Toyota to end manufacturing in 2017

Toyota pulls the plug and declares the end of automobile manufacturing in Australia and something like 44,000 jobs.

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Toyota Corolla is Australia's best selling car in 2013
04 Dec 2013

Australia’s best-selling car for 2013: Toyota Corolla

Toyota’s Corolla and Camry are on track for major sales triumphs in 2013 with just weeks to run until year’s end, with the Corolla likely to become Australia’s best-selling car.

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