14 Jul 2021

What could have been: Opel Astra revealed with plug-in hybrid

The old Holden Astra may have blossomed into a neat package with plug-in hybrid technology. Opel has lifted the sheet off its new Astra with plug-in hybrid power, and it’s a tech-packed offering in the popular small car segment. What a shame Holden isn’t around to secure this one although

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2018 Holden Commodore VXR revealed
11 Nov 2017

Insignia-based all-new Commodore gone in 2021… what then for Holden?

Opel, no longer a part of GM, has announced it will switch to Peugeot platforms ASAP, meaning the all-new Commodore will be replaced again from 2021.

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Opel logo
20 May 2016

Opel now admits to using emissions control software… but says its legal

Opel has admitted to the German ministry of transport that it does indeed use emissions control software that can switch off exhaust treatment systems

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holden adds opel models to local lineup
03 Oct 2014

Holden announces Opel will power future line-up

Holden has announced that more than one-third of its future line-up will be sourced from Opel in Europe. Will the Commodore replacement be an Opel Insignia?

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