Want a soft toy car? Of course you do…

Do you love your car so much that you’d want a cuddly version of it? Never fear Rocket Craft is here with its custom-made soft toy car replicas.

Plenty of people have a model car collection. And plenty of people have a soft toy collection. So, why not combine the two? Or at least that’s what the team at Rocket Craft thought to themselves when they released their custom soft-toy-model-car service – proving that there is absolutely no niche too small to build a business.

Rocket Craft soft toys

And it don’t just make cars and engines. The company will also make motorbikes and, wait for it, your favourite generator. You didn’t misread that. Much more than that it’s kind of hard to tell through the jumble of Google Translate.

Prices start from around 35,000 Yen which isn’t cheap (it works out to around AUD$365). But for that you’ll get an exact replica of your car of choice, or even engine. Yep, Rocket Craft will even make soft-toy engines by request. Weirdly, the other offering from the business is lift kits for Subarus (see video below of a lifted Liberty/Legacy…) – we asked Subaru Australia if we could buy and fit one to our long-term XV and they said … No. Ah well. Was worth a shot.

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Isaac Bober

Isaac Bober