New Narva 13-pin Euro Trailer Adaptors released

Narva has released its 13-pin Euro Trailer Adaptors which are designed to help owners of European vehicles ensure compatibility with Australian caravans and trailers.

TO ENSURE COMPATIBILITY with Australian caravans and trailers, Narva has released its range of 13-pin Euro Trailer Adaptors. The reason for this is because many retailers are no longer retro-fitting their cars with Australian-compatible sockets.

Available in two variants, 13-pin Euro round on car to 7-pin flat plug and 13-pin Euro round on car to 7-pin large round plug, the units are built using ABS material and nickel plated brass terminals for”improved conductivity”.

Nara says, “once inserted into the vehicle’s socket, a simple twist and lock function secures the connection. For added peace of mind, a flat disc receiver on the adaptor also accepts the vehicle’s socket dust cap, further securing the connection and ensuring it won’t work itself loose even over rough road conditions”. The bit we like, is the addition of a diode that prevents any warning buzzers or alarms from sounding within the tow vehicle.

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Narva’s 13-pin Euro Trailer Adaptors are suitable for a wide range of European vehicles including but not limited to: Land Rover Discovery, Mercedes ML Series, VW’s Golf, Amarok and Caddy, the Audi Q Series and BMW X3, X5 and X6.

Isaac Bober

Isaac Bober

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