Brite Lightning metal cleaner

Australian-owned company Lightning has been producing cleaning products since 1930, and has just launched a new metal cleaning and polishing product, Brite Lightning.

Brite Lightning, say the makers of the product, works on metal surfaces – silver, copper, nickel, bronze, aluminium, stainless steel and more. It also removes oxidisation from paintwork, and corrosion and tarnish from any metal surface, which is perfect for people restoring or reconditioning old cars, bikes, boats, trucks, antiques or even jewellery. The creamy formula makes it easy to buff on and wipe off, says the PR blurb (we’ll be testing Brite Lightning for ourselves, so stay tuned). And the bonus is it leaves a protective film on the surface, keeping its shine for longer.

Brite Lightning is available at all major automotive retailers. The RRP is $12 for 250ml, $20 for 500ml, $89 for the four litre and $199 for 10 litre pack. – Visit

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Isaac Bober

Isaac Bober