Armor All Rain Repellant released

Armor All releases its new Rain Repellant product as huge storms lash parts of Australia. Timing is everything… mental note: it doesn’t replace windscreen wipers.

ARMOR ALL HAS picked its timing perfectly, releasing its new Rain Repellent just as the heavens open up drenching parts of Australia in water.

According to Armor All, “Rain Repellent has been formulated to enhance the windscreens ability to disperse water droplets”. While Practical Motoring hasn’t tested the product yet, we’ve watched the video a few times and it looks pretty good, although there’s no indication as to how long the product will last and it certainly doesn’t mean you can stop using your windscreen wipers…

Armor All hasn’t announced pricing (it’s available from Supercheap Auto, Auto One, Big W, and Kmart outlets in Australia and New Zealand), but the box comes with a bottle of Rain Repellant as well as a microfibre cloth in the pack. To use it, you just apply a few drops to the microfibre cloth and then apply to the windscreen. Once the Rain Repellent has hazed off, simply flip the cloth and give it a light buff until the windscreen is clear.

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Isaac Bober

Isaac Bober