01 Jul 2020

Ineos Grenadier revealed and confirmed for Australia

Ineos has shown us what the Grenadier looks like – a new wagon and ute 4×4 for Australia. Ineos has revealed the all-new the Grenadier four-wheel drive. It looks undoubtedly like the spiritual successor to the Land Rover Defender, with boxy proportions and utilitarian purpose at the forefront. It is

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26 May 2020

Twin-turbo V8 Volkswagen Touareg confirmed for Australia

VW’s flagship Touareg V8 TDI has been confirmed for Australia. VW will fire its range-topping Touareg V8 TDI into the Australian market later this year with the arrival of its most powerful SUV ever. The new Touareg V8 TDI, built on the third-generation Touareg platform, surpasses the output of even

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19 May 2020

2020 BMW X5 & X6 M Competition Review

2020 BMW X5 M and X6 M Competition review in Australia, including price, specs, interior, ride and handling, safety and score. IN A NUTSHELL: If you can’t choose between these two, we’d suggest the X5 M Competition as the better (logical) choice. But some want the exclusive look of the

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15 May 2020

Audi offers five-year warranty, free servicing and free on-roads

Audi is offering five-year, unlimited km warranties with free servicing over the same period on all new cars sold, but it’s hardly a long-term deal. Audi Australia has increased its three-year warranty to offer five years, unlimited-kilometre coverage with five years of free servicing and no on-road costs for new

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22 Apr 2020

New Audi A3 sedan ready to launch

Audi’s four-door A3 looks as good as the hatch and will join Audi showrooms locally from next year. AUDI HAS revealed its new A3 sedan which is planned to join the fourth-gen hatch in European showrooms from July this year. Matching the new A3 hatch for looks, it adopts a

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20 Apr 2020

2020 Lexus LS 500 F Sport review

Review of the 2020 Lexus LS 500 F Sport in Australia, including price, specs, interior, ride and handling, safety and score. REMEMBER THE old Lexus LS? It looked a bit stuffy but carried the reputation of Toyota and Japanese build quality to the luxury car market. Today, it’s a much

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09 Apr 2020

Land Rover says it could build a new Defender ute

Do you want to see a ute version of the new Land Rover Defender? It’s possible. ARE WE soon to see the return of Land Rover’s Defender ute? Maybe. The new Defender’s D7x platform underneath is ready to carry a new-generation Defender utility-body, according to a Land Rover source speaking

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09 Apr 2020

Slot car sets you can drive to survive lockdown with

You can’t leave your house, you can’t go for a drive, so how does a car-loving enthusiast get through the lockdown? Here are some of the best slot car sets you can get to survive isolation. The simple slot car set has been with us for years, and anyone old

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09 Apr 2020

Jaguar joins Land Rover in five-year warranty

Nearly all Land Rover and Jaguar models will come with a full five-year warranty, but the catch is it’s only for a limited time. Land Rover Australia has come to the party and moved to a five-year warranty, but the thing is it’s only for a few months. Temporarily following

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23 Mar 2020

Why 4×4 ground clearance isn’t the same for all vehicles

Ground clearance is a fundamental measurement for 4x4s, but it’s not always what you think and the message from car makers can be confusing.

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Audi A3 for Australia 2021
04 Mar 2020

The new 2021 Audi A3 unveiled

Audi’s new rival to the BMW 1 Series and Mercedes-Benz A-Class will arrive here later this year. CLASSIER AND more tech-laden than before, the new 2021 fourth-generation Audi A3 has been unveiled. Eight years since the third-generation car was first with us, the new model rides on an updated Evo

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VW Amarok Core V6 manual 78%
21 Feb 2020

2020 VW Amarok V6 manual Core review

LITTLE MORE THAN 12 months ago Volkswagen unleashed its cut-price Amarok Core V6, offering one of the dual-cab ute market’s gruntiest options for a touch over $50,000. And we say it’s the gruntiest option now given that Mercedes-Benz has pulled its X-Class offering – the only V6 rival to the

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Nissan leaf australia
18 Feb 2020

Price vs perception: Is vanity killing EV sales?

We know electric vehicles are expensive right now, but apparently that’s not all which is holding Australians back from buying an EV.

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VW Touareg review australia 190tdi base 85%
03 Feb 2020

2020 Volkswagen Touareg 190TDI review

Comprehensive expert Australian review of the 2020 VW Touareg 190TDI, including pricing, specs, what it’s like to drive and interior comfort and technology.

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Audi S4 Avant in Australia side profile 83%
31 Jan 2020

Fast Wagon: 2020 Audi S4 Avant review

2020 Audi S4 Avant Review With Price, Specs, Performance, Ride And Handling, Interior, Ownership, Verdict And Score.

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