Frankfurt Motor Show
10 Nov 2013

The A-Z of the Frankfurt Motor Show

It’s reckoned to be the world’s biggest and glitziest car show, and Frankfurt certainly didn’t disappoint this time round as the wraps were taken off a host of new and exciting cars, many of which are headed this way, reports Tony Bosworth.

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08 Nov 2013

Lexus IS First Drive

The new Lexus IS, old engines apart, is a clear improvement over the old model and there is no doubt it will attract a younger demographic to the brand. But it still just fails to stir the soul the way some of its competitors do. Maybe the new engines, when they finally arrive, will fix that.

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17 Oct 2013

Holden’s future hangs in the balance

The future of Holden hangs in the balance. According to some pundits, the recent job and production cuts mark the beginning of the end for the iconic Australian manufacturer. On the other hand, it isn’t the first time forecasters have predicted oblivion for the company.

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12 Oct 2013

Making the Lexus IS ‘Fun to Drive’

“Even before I was appointed Chief Engineer on the IS project, my daily driver was an IS. I started developing this car to leave its mark in history. We’re trying to change the perception of the Lexus brand. In addition to being reliable and comfortable, we’re looking to be a more emotional and aggressive brand and we’re currently in the midst of that transition,” Junichi Furuyama tells Practical Motoring.

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29 Sep 2013

Range Rover Evoque eD4 Road Test

The Evoque eD4 2WD might be the first Range Rover not to drive all four wheels but it hasn’t hurt the brand, says Isaac Bober. In an event reminiscent of when Porsche announced the release of its Cayenne SUV – which saved the company we hasten to add – Land Rover’s

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Holden VF Commodore
10 Sep 2013

Holden VF Commodore First Drive

The big question remains: can this very competent, good value car bring buyers back to a category they have been deserting in droves? On a purely rational level, the VF Commodore should be hugely successful. But car buyers are rarely rational, and that bodes ill for the best car this country has ever produced.

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Infiniti FX 37 S opening image
10 Sep 2013

Infiniti FX37 S Premium First Drive

if you’re after something that matches the Germans (read: BMW X3/X5 and Audi Q5/Q7) for drivability and offers a fair dollop of exclusivity without costing the earth (relatively speaking), then the Infiniti FX37 S might just be the car for you.

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