The new Skoda Octavia RS
19 Mar 2014

Skoda Octavia RS Preview

THE NEW SKODA OCTAVIA RS is the third-generation model to be sold in Australia, and the fastest production Octavia of all time.

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The Mitsubishi Outlander has been refreshed
12 Mar 2014

Mitsubishi Outlander refreshed

More aggressive styling, fresh interior trims, retuned suspension and a new emergency stop signal feature are the headline changes for the refreshed Mitsubishi Outlander SUV.

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Australia's most affordable seven-seater
11 Mar 2014

Proton boosts sales in February

Proton is making a concerted effort to become a major player in the Australian market. They’re not there yet, but February sales give them reason for optimism.

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Moke Motors has announced the revival of the iconic Moke.
10 Mar 2014

Moke makes a comeback

Hardy souls once loved the basic-but-fun Mini Moke and these days good ones are fetching big dollars, but now there’s a new Moke which aims to provide as much fun as the original.

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Mercedes-Benz CLA 250 arrives in July
08 Mar 2014

Mercedes-Benz CLA 250 to arrive in July

Mercedes-Benz has made significant inroads into markets it was once never interested in. The new CLA 250 Sport4Matic is scheduled to arrive in July.

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An RACQ survey shows Australian drivers warn others of speed traps by flashing their lights.
08 Mar 2014

Don’t flash your headlights, says RACQ

Paul Murrell says a report from RACQ Insurance shows motorists are becoming increasingly frustrated by draconian speed limit enforcement and penalties, and asks why should it be illegal for motorists to warn each other of speed traps.

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Skoda Australia introduces capped price servicing across its entire range
08 Mar 2014

Skoda introduces capped price servicing across range

Car News: Skoda Australia has followed other European manufacturers by introducing capped price servicing across its entire range. We list all the prices.

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The new Mazda3 gets a five-star ANCAP rating
07 Mar 2014

Mazda3 achieves five star ANCAP safety rating

New Mazda3 achieves five-star ANCAP safety rating, but doesn’t get unqualified endorsement, and we wonder why UK Mazda3 models get standard AEB and Aussie models don’t?

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The Nissan X-Trail launches this month from $27,990
07 Mar 2014

Nissan announces pricing for X-Trail

The Nissan X-Trail is one of Nissan’s best-selling models in Australia and the upgraded model launches here in March, from $27,990(+ORC).

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The i30SR doesn't seem to be particularly efficient, and the lights aren't much chop either
04 Mar 2014

Week 6: Long-term Hyundai i30SR

Having to fill the SR up with fuel more than once a week is getting a bit wearing, says Tony Bosworth, who also returns to the issue of the weak headlights.

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