28 May 2016

Australia’s first production electric vehicle is coming, the Tomcar LV1

Australian offroad specialist Tomcar is to release an electric vehicle. TOMCAR have been around for a while and are no stranger to challenging convention. They have an offroad buggy that is only two-wheel-drive, but is still an incredible offroad vehicle as we found in our in-depth test. They are also

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19 May 2016

Federal Election 2016: The Greens have a plan for electric vehicles…

If electric vehicles are to be a success then the Government needs to help. The Greens have a plan…

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Sir James Dyson to build an electric car
26 Mar 2016

Dyson to produce an electric vehicle

Well-known vacuum maker, Dyson, is reportedly building an electric vehicle with funding from the UK government.

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calls for standardised charging infrastructure
10 Mar 2016

Calls for electric vehicle standardised charging infrastructure to be introduced

Volvo Cars has joined the Charging Interface Initiative and other automakers calling for a standardised charging infrastructure for battery-powered vehicles.

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BMW announces street light charging system for electric vehicles
10 Nov 2014

BMW reveals street light charging system for electric vehicles

BMW has announced it will begin the world’s first trial of a street light charging system for electric vehicles that seems to get around the need for dedicated charging stations.

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sunswift eve sets new record
26 Jul 2014

UNSW smashes electric vehicle record

University of New South Wales students have set a new land-speed record (100km/h) for an electric vehicle traveling on a single-charge over 500km.

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Toyota to roll out more electric cars
19 Dec 2017

Toyota and Lexus to offer 10 electric or electrified vehicles by 2025

Toyota and Lexus have announced they will offer electric or electrified vehicles across their entire range by 2025.

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BMW announces electric vehicle charging stations at Westfield
29 Mar 2017

BMW opens 40 electric-vehicle charging bays at Westfield sites…

BMW and Westfield have opened 40 electric vehicle (EV) and plug-in hybrid vehicle (PHEV) public charging bays at 10 metropolitan Westfield shopping centres.

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08 Nov 2019

2020 Hyundai Ioniq electric range review

Alex Rae’s 2020 Hyundai Ioniq Range Review With Price, Specs, Performance, Ride And Handling, Interior, Ownership, Verdict And Score.

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06 Nov 2019

Ford reveals electric Mustang with manual transmission

Ford’s Mustang Lithium EV shows us that electric propulsion might kill the V8, but the manual has a future.

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23 Oct 2019

Mazda reveals MX-30 electric SUV

Mazda has unveiled its new MX-30 SUV at the Tokyo Motor Show. Is this what the future of Mazda looks like?

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12 Sep 2019

First drive: Peugeot’s new electric e-208 and 208

Paul Horrell’s 2019 Peugeot 208 and e-208 prototype review ahead of the model’s official launch.

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11 Sep 2019

Electric Mini Cooper in Oz next year

Mini, like so many carmakers, is going electric, confirming its new EV will be available to buy in Australia next year.

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Sumitomo Rubber is working on new technology that could see car tyres generate electricity while driving.
29 Jul 2019

Using car tyres to generate electricity

Sumitomo Rubber is working on new technology that could see car tyres generate electricity while driving.

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An all-electric Ford F-150 prototype during a capability test. The battery-powered truck successfully towed more than 1.25 million pounds of rail cars and trucks during the test.
24 Jul 2019

Prototype electric Ford F-150 pulls almost 600,000kg

Prototype electric Ford F-150 pulls 42 F-150s loaded onto 10 double-decker railway cars weighing almost 600,000kg.

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