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Crime Stoppers SA releases MyWheels app for car theft

Crime Stoppers SA has released its free MyWheels app which designed to easily report the theft of your car and hopefully aid in its safe recovery.

HAVING YOUR CAR STOLEN is one of the greatest fears for owners, but now there’s an app that can make it easier to report thefts, and even rate carpark safety.

Following a rise in the number of car thefts in Australia last year, Crime Stoppers SA consulted with the community and special-interest groups and invested in a smartphone app to educate car owners about theft prevention strategies and provide help in the unfortunate situation of a vehicle actually having been stolen.

The free app can be used for any vehicle, including motorcycle, scooter, car, trailer, caravan or truck. It would work with bicycles too, except that they don’t wear a registration number (although owners can access the bike’s unique serial number for identification).

The app reminds users to park in well-lit spots, lock their vehicle and keep valuables out of sight.

The app’s geo-pin function allows users to track the location where they parked, meaning you can find your vehicle in a car park or on the street with the press of a button. Should the vehicle be stolen, the owner has all the details on hand to report the theft to police and the insurance company, and also send out details through social media and the MyWheels community.

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Paul Murrell

Paul Murrell

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