26 Mar 2017

ROUGH STUFF: Movie review

When I heard about an off-road action comedy feature film set in Australia. I had to see it…

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21 Mar 2017

How to sound like an instant expert on Formula 1

On Sunday 24th March the Formula 1 season starts again in Melbourne. Here’s how to sound like an instant expert on Formula One.

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Top Gear Season 24
21 Mar 2017

Why I like the new Top Gear – Season 24…

Different is not necessarily bad… and I reckon the new Season 24 of Top Gear is good.

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2015 Ford Fiesta ST car review
21 Mar 2017

The most comprehensive “what car should I buy” question ever

We get a lot of “what car is best” questions, and for one reason only it’s hard to advise… and that is they lack focus. Not this one.

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17 Mar 2017

What 4×4 or AWD should I buy for $40,000?

With a $40,000 budget this returning Australian wants to buy an off-roader, and has a fairly tight idea of what the 4×4 needs to do…

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14 Mar 2017

Offroading ute: service body, or tub and canopy?

Utes are now just as popular for offroad touring as wagons, but how best to set one up? OVER THE LAST ten years the ute has come a long way with massively improved safety, on and offroad performance as well as convenience features. Many 4WD shops now work on more

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13 Mar 2017

Exploring Australia with a Jaguar F-Pace

Sometimes a new car road test is just a day on a press launch, and other times it’s a road trip like the one we took the Jaguar F-Pace on…

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Toyota Prado Kakadu
09 Mar 2017

Reader Help: Why does my car need servicing so often when I’m not driving far?

Why do cars need to be serviced so often if the owner isn’t hitting the service interval mileage?

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04 Mar 2017

Ford Everest owners on what they do and don’t like…

The Ford Everest has been popular since its introduction in 2015, so owners have had a chance to form some opinions… Ford, are you listening.

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Kia Carnival 75%
28 Feb 2017

2017 Kia Carnival Review – Full Test

Robert Pepper’s 2017 Kia Carnival review with pricing, specs, ride and handling, safety, verdict and score.

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24 Feb 2017

Jeep offers 5-year warranty across entire range

Jeep has announced a five-year warranty across its vehicle range, calling it a ‘there and back guarantee’ part of its drive to improve customer service.

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21 Feb 2017

You can’t just drive out into the desert… preparing for an off-road camping trip

How do you prepare for an offroad camping trip? Here’s what we did to get ready for our recent Jaguar F-Pace test.

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20 Feb 2017

2017 Toyota Hilux V6 Review – Quick Drive

Most manufacturers are dropping diesel, but not Toyota. We go for a quick spin in the Toyota Hilux V6.

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20 Feb 2017

Live axled or manual transmission 4X4s on sale in Australia: February 2017

You want a ‘traditional’ 4X4? Then buy now… Here’s a guide to the only live-axled, manual transmission 4x4s on sale in Australia.

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20 Feb 2017

Toyota Fortuner and Toyota HiLux technical analysis – 4WD systems explained

Every new 4WD has its own particular offroad system. Here’s how the 4WD system on the 2016 Toyota Fortuner works…

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