19 Jun 2020

How to play it safe when buying a used car?

Spending the weekend test driving cars and haggling with sellers used to be a treasured past-time for some and an unavoidable chore for others. Regardless of your position on it, with recent stay at home orders and social distancing due to COVID-19, buying from afar seems to be the way

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12 Jun 2020

How to help your approval for a car loan with bad credit?

If you have bad credit, or suspect you have bad credit, you may think you can’t get a car loan. It may be a bit more difficult, but there are many lenders and brokers that can help you find a car loan that fits your circumstances. The interest rate may

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09 Jun 2020

Dyson opens up: “It was a difficult decision to stop”

Dyson aborted its electric car project after spending $1 billion on development costs, including producing a drivable prototype. Now, James Dyson reveals what happened before the electric car project’s premature end. A problem too big to ignore James Dyson: “In 1983, early in the development of my cyclonic technology which

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09 Jun 2020

Getting a car loan – where should you go?

When financing your car, should you trust your lender or go for the broker? There are a lot of options out there – going straight to our bank for a personal loan, a car loan lender, or opting for dealer finance. But what’s the best option that’ll save you money?

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demo car deals australia
25 May 2020

Practical Motoring Live Deals goes live

Practical Motoring is now also the home of some of the best deals on near-new demonstrator vehicles in Australia. Practical Motoring Live Deals has officially launched, enabling Australian car buyers with a new, independent car sales service that provides limited-time deals on demonstrator stock. Home of the sharpest car deals

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18 May 2020

First Australian-built Brabham supercar delivered

Australian-based Brabham Automotive has delivered its first hypercar to a customer in the UK. Produced at an assembly line located in Edinburgh Parks outside of Adelaide, South Australia, the first Brabham BT62 racing car has been delivered – though they’ll build you a street-legal version if you want. The BT62

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11 May 2020

Online Auction: Mercedes AMG E63 with low kays

It’s not often you have the chance to buy one of the best performance sedans on the market for a bargain. Sponsored Merc’s AMG E63 is an absolute brawler of a performance sedan and it packs just as much luxury punch inside as it does going down the dragstrip. Slattery

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01 May 2020

The ultimate 4×4 camper is up for sale

Incredible MAN off-road camper and Hamen dual-axle trailer are up for grabs. SNAG YOURSELF a deal on this military-grade camper, built by Queensland’s SLR Motorhomes and based on the tough-as-concrete 2017 MAN TGM 16.290 4×4 Off Road Expedition Vehicle, which is being sold as part of a liquidation. The extreme

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28 Apr 2020

Rear drive, manual transmission cars on sale in Australia

Five years ago we thought this list would shrink rapidly, but the number of rear-wheel drive sports cars with manual transmissions available in Australia remains healthy. IN ABOUT the mid-2010s, when manufacturers started culling manual ‘boxes from mainstream model lineups, motoring media were unsure that manual sports cars would last

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24 Apr 2020

Elinz 4K HD Sports Action Camera review

A budget action camera has rolled into Practical Motoring and we thought we’d see if it was up to the task of shooting car videos. A PROLIFERATION of action cameras since the ubiquitous GoPro became a number one hit has seen nearly all new arrivals to the scene mimic that

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24 Apr 2020

What! New 2021 Toyota Hilux images leak overseas

An image and specs ‘leak’ shows what we can expect from the upcoming 2021 Toyota Hilux facelift this year. RENDERED IMAGES of the 2021 Toyota HiLux facelift have leaked online thanks to a global Toyota exporting business which has shown renderings based on internal documents.   The leak was broken

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14 Apr 2020

Kia Stinger power bump this year

The Kia Stinger is getting an upgrade, refreshing the hot sedan for the Australian market. KIA’S UPDATED Stinger is set to bring a power bump along with better tech and handling when it arrives later this year. First reported overseas as a mid-life update that would bring an all-new engine

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09 Apr 2020

Slot car sets you can drive to survive lockdown with

You can’t leave your house, you can’t go for a drive, so how does a car-loving enthusiast get through the lockdown? Here are some of the best slot car sets you can get to survive isolation. The simple slot car set has been with us for years, and anyone old

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BMW hydrogen SUV X5 australia
31 Mar 2020

BMW confirms hydrogen-powered SUV model

BMW X5 powered by hydrogen will be available to a limited number of customer in two years. BMW WILL produce a hydrogen-powered version of the X5 in limited availability in 2022. Revealing its BMW i Hydrogen NEXT overnight, the model will underpin the German carmaker’s move into hydrogen vehicles, with

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ELinz dashcam 4k DCmax review australia expert 79%
18 Mar 2020

Elinz DCMAX 4K dashcam review

THERE ARE many options to choose from when it comes to selecting a dashcam, which makes it hard for the many newcomers to stand out. One way to garner attention though is to offer plenty of features at a competitive price, which is exactly what we have here. Elinz is

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